How do I place a hold online?

  • Click on the large "Search Catalogue" button, which will take you to the TRAC catalogue, a consortium of over 120 library collections.
  • Enter Library Barcode and PIN number (usually the last four digits of the telephone number on file).
  • Search for title and select "place request" (Note that choosing a record with many copies could greatly speed up the process).
  • More assistance can be obtained by clicking on the "Help" tab.

How do I know if this library has the book I am looking for?

If you have selected "Sexsmith Shannon Library" (inverted to place town name first), in the pull down menu located in the upper right corner, then Local Availability will indicate whether the book is owned by this library and whether it is signed out or on the shelf.

If you ONLY wish to see what this library holds, then select "Open Search options" (located just below the title search area) and select this library from the pull down menu of libraries and then click "select search options" to apply your selection. Only that library's books will now appear. This is easily reset.

How do I renew a book online?

  • Once logged in (see above) select the "Patron Account" tab.
  • Along the top (just below the tabs) there is a listing of options. Select "Items Out".
  • Check the boxes beside the items to be renewed and click "Renew Selected Items" at the bottom of the page.
  • There is a column indicating the number of renewals left. This will range from 0 - 2.

Why won't it let me renew some items?

The system will not let you renew an item if

a) it is on hold for another patron
b) you have exceeded the permitted number of renewals
c) it has been recalled by the owning library

If renewal is important, call the Library, as special circumstances may allow staff to override.

The book I want isn't listed in the Library Catalogue. What other options do I have?

One of the best things about your library card is The Alberta Library Online (TAL Online). The link on the left side of this page provides a direct route to the resources of the province including colleges, universities and metropolitan libraries in the Province of Alberta.

There are many different ways that titles listed can be obtained through Interlibrary Loan. One way is to place a hold directly on "TAL Online", using your library card. This method has the virtue of seamlessness, with no additional steps on your side. You will be called as soon as the item arrives in the library.

The second way is to select the option to email the item record directly to the Shannon Library and the request will be placed through our Interlibrary Loan department. Make sure that contact information is included. This method means that you are in direct e-mail contact with the staff member placing your request, and works well if you are uncomfortable with the sheer number of titles and types of resources available through The Alberta Library.

I can create lists, but can't place a hold on any of the titles. Why?

Currently the software does not have this capability, however, your concerns have been passed on, and we hope that this will be a priority in future software updates.

Why isn't the library open more hours?

There is a fine line that all Library Boards must draw between hours of opening and their operational budget. Balancing staff needs and training against community needs can prove to be a challenge.

It helps to refer to a document entitled "Standards for Member Libraries within Alberta's Regional Library Systems" which allows libraries to evaluate their levels of service as "Essential," "Enhanced," or "Excellent" depending on the size of the community.

In Fall of 2009, the library was able to open on Mondays from 12 noon to 4:00 p.m. thanks to an increase in funding from the Province of Alberta.This allowed the Library to achieve "Excellent" (40 hours) for libraries serving a population of 3,001 - 5,000 .

We have since adjusted our opening hours to even better serve our community. Please refer to the box on the left hand side of the page for current library hours.

Why don't you have my question listed?

E-mail me and, if the question is a common one, I would be more than happy to post both question and answer.