Friends of the Shannon Library Society

Current Great and Glorious President: Ailsa Johnson
Please call the library for the next meeting date

Totally Free, Totally Fun, Totally...Cake?

The Friends of the Shannon Library Society meets quarterly, to share ideas, provide support and direction for the best use of fund-raised dollars. We are a like-minded group of individuals gathering together to help make the library a community-centered organization, have fun, meet friends and eat cake...four times a year.

Friends of the Library was formed in 1997 to promote the library, to serve as a volunteer arm of the library and to assist with fund-raising activities. Historically, the Friends has organized book sales, hosted "Jewel Night," helped with open houses and summer programs for children. The 2003 cookbook project invited everyone in the community to share recipes and brief stories about family cooking or favourite books.

More recently, the Friends have purchased book bags, repainted the lavatories, upgraded the library computers, replaced the fax machine when it started spewing film,  added a gazillion (rough estimation, only) new books to the library collection, bought a colour copier, invested in RFID for the library collection and bought some spiffy new furniture.

Friends of the Shannon Library have also partnered with South Peace Rural Learning to support several Family Literacy initiatives in the area, including Rhymes Alive, Books for Babies and other great programs.

If you are interested in becoming a member, or would like some more information about us, please talk to library staff, email the library manager, or just come to a meeting!