Computers and the Internet

Public Computers

The Shannon Municipal Library has four public computers for use by anyone aged 14 and over (10 and over with signed permission form). Time limits and restrictions apply.

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Internet and WiFi Guidelines

WIFI is available in the library at no cost. If you do not have a library card, a username and password are available from the front desk and are good for up to 2 hours.

Children under the age of ten must be supervised by an adult.  Persons 14 years and younger must have a user agreement signed by a parent or legal guardian in order to have Internet access.  Exceptions may be granted with the approval of the Library Director or her designate.

Persons with children under the age of five in their care or supervision in the library are limited to 30 minutes on public access computers.

Use of the public computers is on a first-come, first-served basis. At times of increased demand, computer time may be limited to allow fair use by all. No user may remain on the Internet for longer than two hours.

As the library does not filter access to the Internet, you are required to respect the other users of the library when accessing information.  In this context, if the material you are accessing is inappropriate or offensive, you will be asked to leave.  Repeat offenses will result in total loss of Internet privileges. 

A maximum of TWO people are allowed at the terminal at any one time.

The public computers are not available during normal school hours to any person under 16 years of age. Exceptions may be granted with the approval of the Library Director or her designate.

Equipment Loans

A laptop computer, an Epson PowerLite multimedia projector, and a portable screen are available for rent from the library. Contact library staff for further details. A deposit will be required.