Exam Invigilation

The guidelines for the Shannon Library's Exam Invigilation service are as follows:

  • Exams are proctored in 3 hour (maximum) sessions.
  • A fee will be charged of $20.00 per exam and includes printing, faxing and regular mailing costs.  Special mailing costs will be the responsibility of the student. 
  • Exams may only be written during library hours of operation and appointments are subject to staff availability.
  • Exams must be scheduled with the Library Director or her designate at least one week in advance of examination.  
  • The Shannon Library is not liable for any missing documents related to the exam.
  • Exams will be written at a quiet table.  Noise cancelling headphones are provided.
  • Library staff will monitor students during exams at regular intervals.
  • Online exams that need installation of special software or modification to library computers are not permitted.
  • The library will not be held responsible for any interruptions to the exam due to unforeseen circumstances such as internet connection issues, loss of power, or other technical issues.

It is the student's responsibility to arrange for the delivery of print or online exams and exam instructions to the library prior to the scheduled appointment.

Students must show ID prior to the start of the exam.